Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Life update, only took 8 months!

I can’t quite believe it has been 8 months since I last wrote a blog post! I still have lots to say but general life stuff has happened and the time has flown by extremely quickly, I’m hoping this post is going to break the dam and my posts will become more regular again. 

So what’s been happening? 

Work is great and I’m loving my new Director role and everything that comes with it, people often ask me what I like about my job and it has been the same answer for 8 years, every day at Spindogs is different, I work with great colleagues and clients and every day brings with it new ideas, new knowledge and new challenges. No day is the same and for that I am thankful and it helps keep the missing Rosie at bay! 

Rose is thriving! The last 8 months has brought with it more energy, more words, more demands, more potty training and more adventures. When I hear Rose laugh my heart sings, and watching her sense of humour develop has been incredible, she has a very loud laugh, just like her parents, and still manages to be endlessly cheerful despite mixed amounts of sleep. 

Don’t get me wrong, we get lots of strops and screams of ‘No!’ with a very dramatic foot stamp (anyone who has seen me bowling may notice a similarity…) but they’re usually short lived and we are slowly reaching the realms of negotiation. I’m still completely shattered from the constant changes in sleep and she is pretty heavy to carry these days, and we have had an A&E trip and a few tears at nursery again recently but generally we can’t complain. That seems like such a shockingly short summary of life with a 2.5 year old but it has gone by in a blur and I can’t really remember much more now I am putting fingers to keys! 

Potty training went well, we started earlier than I would have liked as Rose was super keen, she is with her cousin a few days a week who is several months older and seeing her getting to use the toilet and wear knickers was too exciting for her and she started asking to go for a wee all the time (ALL the time), but we did crack it. Then things went awry at Christmas, lots of change in routine and excitement led to regular accidents and so I made the decision quite quickly to put her back in nappies and Rose didn’t make any fuss. Then in the new year when everything went back to normal we brought out the potty and the knickers and Rose has been brilliant, it was very different second time around with Rose not telling us when she needed to go - whereas the first time she said she needed to go all the time - but it only took a couple of weeks for things to settle down and, fingers crossed, all is well in that department. I should probably add that we didn’t follow any particular method, I kept meaning to read a book or some blogs but in the end we just went with the flow. The accidents can be really frustrating, especially when they’re in the car! But all in all it’s not very long and definitely short term pain for long term gain! We’re still using pull ups at night time and aren't worrying about her being dry through the night for now. I’ve just remembered that I did get the Princess Polly Potty Book and stickers and they were a big hit in the early days and kept Rose on the loo for longer than 3 seconds!

We moved house! This may be a surprise to some as it happened very quickly and wasn’t a decision that initially had a huge amount of forethought. You know us, we decide to do something and that’s it, we’re very impatient and we just go for it. We started looking at houses all over Cardiff online and saw two that couldn't have been more different and at either ends of the city that caught our fancy. We put an offer in on the one and then put our house on the market and sold it within the week. Knowing how much work we had put in to the last house it may not come as a surprise that it wasn’t finished when we accepted the offer, new windows went in before the sale completed and although it didn’t seem great at the time a delay on our move date did mean we got to enjoy the windows for a couple of months! 

At first I didn't miss the old house at all, getting used to the new commute, new house and new sounds (nature is loud!), and making sure Rose was settled resulted in me barely having time to think about it. Then Christmas arrived and Kelvin had been the most incredible Christmas house with the high ceilings and a giant tree and that did make me pine a little (no pun intended!. 

We have moved to a house that couldn't be more different than the last 2, it is only 10 years old and quite modern, but thankfully has a few interesting features. The main impetus for the move was a bigger garden and we now have a lovely big lawn for Rose to play outside and Maggie is loving it. Slight drama on move day when we actually lost the cat and she didn’t move with us (there were a lot of tears and rattling of food/shouting in to the dark) but we were reunited the next day and all is well. Turns out Mags is a country cat, the first day I let her out she went straight up to a tree and started trying to climb it and I nearly dropped my cuppa in shock! Everyone has seen a change in her and it has been wonderful to witness, including more confidence around Rose as well, the two are becoming firm friends! 

This house doesn’t need any major work and is a fairly blank canvas, it’s been very weird moving and not having anything urgent to sort out and just settle in and decide what we want to do. Despite coming from a period property to a modern house most of our furniture has fit in remarkably well and doesn’t look out of place. A lot of our artwork / pictures / photo frames were chosen for specific places in the last house so that has been a bit more tricky but every weekend something new makes it on to a wall.

We have a drive and a garage (woohoo!) so Liam is happy and it means anything not unpacked can’t be seen which is a big plus. We invested in getting built in storage at the last house but even that didn’t stop it feeling like everything we owned was on display constantly. It wasn’t a small house but with the fireplaces in every room it did limit furniture choices in some cases and so storage wasn’t always great. 

The move also meant that I knew I could delay putting off thinking about pre-school, but now we’re a bit further out the logistics of schools, the nursery and work have proved challenging to consider and so rather than forcing a decision quickly that may cause us problems we have decided to keep Rose in nursery rather than preschool from September and this gives us time to think about the best way we can make everything work. 

So what’s next? We’re off to Center Parcs next month so you can expect a post about that shortly as I had so many great suggestions from friends last year about how to make the most of your trip and I still want to share all of those. 

In terms of the house, there is one wall of wallpaper in the entire house (pretty much every other wall is white) and so the wallpaper needs to go and I’m trying to decide on a colour, I’m planning on doing it myself this time as the decorator we have used for years and years is unavailable at the moment. Liam has his head in his hands at the prospect but I’m determined to get rid of the wallpaper ASAP. The next room to sort out after that is the spare room. It needs a blind or curtains ASAP as we’re using temporary black out blinds when people stay at the moment, and it’s a lovely room that needs an injection of personality. 

Long term the plan is to update the bathrooms so that is what I am mostly pinning at the moment. I need some new inspiration for interior accounts to follow on Insta that are more modern / self build properties so if you have any suggestions please send them my way! 

Hope this was of some interest and wishing you all a wonderful start to Spring! 

Monday, 28 May 2018

Holidays with a toddler and how IKOS resorts saved the day!

We've now been back from Greece for just over a week and I am still pining for IKOS Oceania! This post is going to have a little about holidaying with a toddler, a little about IKOS resorts and a little about my holiday outfits, hopefully some or all of that will be of interest! Be warned - my photos don't do it justice! 

We booked our holiday to Halkidiki back in September/October as I was desperate to have a holiday in the diary, and I was super keen on this resort last year but didn't fancy the 5.55am Gatwick flight with a 9 month old, but this year was feeling much braver! 

We booked with Kuoni, this is now the 4th holiday we have booked with them and we have never looked back. We know they are going to make the process of choosing and booking a holiday really easy and fun and we also know that when we get there the resort is going to be amazing. Kuoni also take care of everything, private transfers, car seats, travel cots, excursion bookings - EVERYTHING! They are also really competitive when you compare to other agents and what you get for your money, we highly, highly recommend that you check them out (if you're Cardiff side ask for Adele). 

Back to the holiday, I was so ready to go, the cases were packed, the passports in hand and Rose was actually great at all of the travelling bar take off and landing. I now know why they have their own seat at 2- it's because they can reach everything they're not supposed to! Rose is 22 months old and so was on my lap and was obsessed with the window shade and tray table and when she wasn't allowed to touch them during take off and landing I had to wrestle her kicking and screaming and got head-butt in the face I don't know how many times. Snacks and the iPad definitely helped. 

This aside, we arrived at IKOS Oceania (30 mins from the airport) and all travel stresses melted away instantly. We were met from our car, luggage whisked away, and taken to a bar with incredible sea views and handed a glass of chilled sparkling wine whilst we checked in. As we were quite early in the day our room wasn't ready and so we went straight to the a la carte Greek restaurant for lunch. 

View from check in. 

Happy mummy! 

View from check in 

I had underestimated the size of the resort, it was huge, several pools, 4 a la carte restaurants, the main hotel with reception, bars, a club and the buffet restaurant (saying buffet doesn't do it justice), and the spa, creche etc. Everything was beautifully designed and pure luxury, the atmosphere was very chilled and nothing seemed too much trouble. I gave in and booked a facial on the last day and it was pricey but worth it. 

Stepping back a sec, the resort is all inclusive, and I mean ALL inclusive, products, mini bar (including wine and spirits), all drinks, snacks and meals, towels at the beach, towels at the pool, and they don't scrimp on anything. It was quite a bump coming home! The one thing I would recommend is booking the a la carte restaurants in advance, they are all great and two of them offer breakfast and lunch which you don't need to book for, but if you haven't booked in advance for the evening meals you may struggle to get in. The food everywhere is brilliant. 

Despite the resort being full of kids under 5 it was still extremely calm, there is plenty of space and entertainment available to them and the team there are fantastic with children, Rose had the time of her life. 

Everywhere is also exceptionally clean and there are baby change stations in both the women and men's toilets. In the restaurants the baby change is in the disabled loo, again spacious and very clean. Plastic cutlery and cups are provided everywhere, folded within a cloth napkin which I thought was adorable! 

For us, it was hard work, relaxing and wonderful, but hard work. Rose is desperate to explore every minute that she's awake and so we spent much of the week saying 'your turn' so that we could alternately get some R&R. The hardest part was mealtimes as Rose didn't want to eat anything but chips, when she is usually a brilliant eater at home, but it sounds like this is the same for everyone and things were much better towards the end of the week.  With all of the fresh air and pool time Rose had a great 2-3 hour nap every day - this is AMAZING!!! Liam likes the shade so was happy to sit on the balcony whilst she napped and I could happily bake by the pool with my books, it was perfect! 

Things for kids - outdoor play area, play room (huge), creche, toddler disco, babysitting service, help on the beach, shallow pools, you don't need to take buckets and spades these are all provided on the beach. 

Things for adults - wine! Adult only sections of restaurants, adult only pools, club, the entertainment all starts pretty late, a lot of water sports, gym and Spa.

View from the french restaurant ^

There is a sea view bar the other side of the doors you can see in the above pic and one evening we were in there they had live music.

There is a shop on site that sells anything you may have forgotten, our main purchase was a blow up barbie boat!! 

The weather forecast before we went was a lot of rain and thunderstorms with intermittent sunshine but the weather was amazing all week, the last couple of days were boiling so I think May is definitely the right time for us. I had panicked when I saw the forecast and threw in some last minute cardigans, none of which were needed. It was a pair of shorts and t shirt every day and a jumpsuit every eve, perfect for chasing a small person around the beach and from room to room! 

 Old ASOS jumpsuit, Bikini current ASOS (£20), Sunnies Prada 

Jumpsuit (£13) and earrings (£1.56) both current eBay

Playsuit old ASOS but never worn until this holiday

Floral Jumpsuit, this season ASOS £35

 T Shirt, shorts current Tesco £12, sunnies current ASOS £12

Green and black leaf jumpsuit current season Primark - £13 (everything Liam wore on the holiday was probably Joules or Next).

All in all, a fantastic week and much needed break. Even with the 3 hour flight delay coming home we still came back feeling rested and happy and I would definitely stay at an IKOS resort again. 

It isn't the same as holidaying pre children but when you see their little faces light up at the sight of the sea, and their Barbie blow up boat, and an all inclusive buffet you know it's totally worth it!!!! 

Any questions on the resort just let me know! 

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Spring Summer Shoe Edit

"Sh, sh, sh shoe people"

Does anyone else remember this theme tune or am I showing my age? I LOVED that show! That's besides the point as this post is about spring / summer shoes. I know it’s early, and the weather isn't great, but I’m off on holiday soon so have been getting my ducks in a row and I have also found that if I see a good shoe at a good price and don't get them quick they often sell out, so here’s my edit of the sandals I think should be on your wish list if you need something simple, comfortable and stylish this season. 

Leather weave sandals - ASOS £20

I lived in a pair of these when I was pregnant and because they were leather they quickly stretched and became unwearable the summer after so I was pleased to find these which are a little tight but still comfortable, so I feel they can take a bit of wear and tear and will still fit. I wasn't sure about the metallic at first as you can’t tell there are three different colours online but I’ve decided to stop buying everything in tan and embrace the shiny! 

Also available in tan and wide fit.

Smart sliders for work - H&M £12.99 (available in two other shades)

Really comfortable and I risked wearing them this week and it did rain and they are still in one piece, I love pointed shoes and you don't see them on the high street that often so snapped them up. They also come in Pink and an off white. 

Casual sliders for the beach - Primark £4 

I went for the frills, again the complete opposite of what I would usually buy but having Rose has definitely made me start choosing more feminine things for myself! 

Smart casual - H&M £12.99

I love this faux suede material that H&M use and get a pair in whatever style they have every year. I like these as I think they are smarter without the t bar and can be worn with pretty much anything. 

Need them in your wardrobe - M&S £15 

Remember the M&S silver sandals I had last year and wore every day?! They’re back!! I haven't bought this years yet as I wanted to get mine down from the loft and see what state they were in first. My only reservation this year is that they have a glitter band across the front which I worry could be scratchy, but if it’s not BUY BUY BUY. Easily the most comfortable and convenient shoe I have ever bought, and an incredible bargain at £15! These are available in silver and black. 

That's it for now and I really shouldn't buy any more shoes as Liam's head may explode despite all of the new storage solutions! These are all I should need this summer as I've already got some trusty flip flops and wedges from previous years, tan leather of course! ;)

That said, if I was feeling like I wanted to treat myself these yellow sliders from Mango would be top of my list!! 

I have two other posts in draft which are a bit more deep and meaningful and so I haven't been ready to post yet. Looking back through my posts the most popular based on reads are the clothes heavy ones and the posts about tricky motherhood times, if you are happy to share what you would like to read more of please write in the comments or send me a DM, thanks! 

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Surviving the 18 month sleep regression (just!)

Unfortunately, this post will not make your baby sleep through the night or solve all of your sleep regression problems, but I hope that it will help you feel like you're not alone and suggest ways to settle your baby, so the awake times are as calm as they can be.

2017 was the year that launched one hundred milestones, and it was a triumph of wonderful and magical chaos as we embarked on our first full year of parenthood. We had first solids, first holiday, first haircut, first steps and first overnight away from each other, and of course Rose's first birthday! 

It was wonderful and we navigated the unchartered waters with a mixture of fear and excitement, surviving by taking each day at a time, including my first day back at work! 

So now we are nearing the 18 month mark and parenthood is starting to get really fun, we can play chase, try and have little garbled conversations, Rose has a wicked sense of humour and so there are a lot of laughs and she continues to LOVE food. 

But we all know it's no picnic, and right now we are hopefully (please universe!!!) very very very slowly coming out the other side of the epic 18 month sleep regression. The only reason I think we might be coming out of the other side is because it is not as hellish, however, it could be that we are just getting used to it! 

They call it the 18 month regression but it can happen any time from 15 months. We had a tricky time around 15 months but it was massively eased by the Sleepyhead Grande, we had one when Rose was born and we swore by it and eventually caved and bought the larger one and saw an immediate improvement. This lasted about 6 or 7 weeks (wonderful sleep filled weeks!).

I have googled this so many times in the last couple of weeks in the hope of finding a light at the end of the tunnel and now I have had more than one hour of sleep in one stretch I am passing on some of the advice I have read or been given. 

As I say, this is not over for us yet, but I thought now was the time to share, as it's a reminder of anything I have forgotten in my sleep deprived state if nothing else! 

Things weren't great across the Christmas break but I thought that was down to staying away from home and separation anxiety as Rose wasn't used to having both of us around 24/7; her sleep was unsettled and she didn't go to bed as easily but nothing compared to the scale we're at now. 

With that in mind, I blame Storm Eleanor for this entirely! It all really kicked off the night she blew in to town and nothing in life has been quite the same since. We are co-sleeping every night for most of it, Rose and I in the spare room so Liam can get some semblance of a night's sleep; it started off with her coming in to our room after the 2nd or 3rd wake up but no one was getting any sleep so we needed a new plan. 

It isn't just the regular wakes ups either, bedtime has gone out the window and for a week we were lucky if we got her to sleep before 11pm, so that's starting the bedtime routine with a bath at 6ish and still trying to get her to sleep 5 hours later, for her to go to sleep and wake up again at 1am. We're now down to any time between 9 and 10pm, which is an improvement! 

I'm not going to lie, it's fairly soul destroying and there have been tears on all sides, as well as pleas, negotiations, cajoling, persuading, none of which works on an 18 month old who doesn't want to go to sleep! There were times in the middle of the night where I was begging Rose to go to sleep and she was laughing!!! They have no idea what they put us through! 

No matter how hard it gets you keep going, and if you are in the middle of sleep regression pain right now remember - it's just a phase, it's just a phase, it's just a phase...

The internet tells me this is Rose learning to exert her will and discovering that she has control over something. Why did it have to be sleep?!?!

So moaning aside, what have we tried? Below are things that friends have shared or suggested, I haven't tried them all but thought they were worth sharing as obviously it's not a one size fits all situation:

Try and stick to your guns so that bad habits don't creep in... I feel like this is one of the worst pieces of advice that I have read on every article I have seen online re sleep regression at 18 months. Are you having a laugh?! You want me to pretend that everything is completely normal and not attempt to make things better when my baby has been screaming for hours, we are all shattered (and now hungry again as we've been awake so long)?! This seems crazy to me and hats off to anyone who has been through this and managed to keep to their controlled crying / sleep training / whatever else is normal for your sleep situation on plan. We didn't have a method, we had a baby who went to sleep at 7pm and so our normal is now a very distant memory. 

I digress, back to the more helpful suggestions:

  • Lay in a dark room and rub their back in rhythmic circular motions 
  • Download the audiobook 'The rabbit who wants to fall asleep' (this sent me to sleep!)
  • Have a sippy cup of water ready to calm baby down during the screaming spells 
  • Don't go in the room until you are ABSOLUTELY sure they are asleep when they do finally fall asleep (I've learned the hard way)
  • Make up the spare bed just in case - at some point one of you needs to sleep
  • Try merino wool bedding / bed clothes as it helps control their temperature, which may be contributing to the issue 
  • Leave a lamp on and put some books and soft toys in the cot and it may keep them calm enough to settle 
  • Sleep when they sleep, no matter what time it is, everything else can wait 
  • Try baby massage after bath to keep the bedtime routine really calm - use lavender products where possible 
  • It could be teething, have all of your teething remedies at the ready 
  • Sit down and work out what has worked for you before and make sure you are doing all of those things! 
I've read a few things re the last meal of the day and some people say to make this a large one and some say offer a larger meal at lunchtime instead, I'm sticking with the former but you should do whatever you think is right for your toddler. 

As I say, these are not going to change things dramatically and we are still in the midst of this ourselves, but many of the above have given us an hour to sleep, 20 minutes to eat, time to call friends and family and ask for advice! 

Although I will be so happy when this regression is over I am happy for now that we have moved on from the constant screaming for hours on end and hourly wake ups all night (hoping last night was a blip!). We are now at a point where we have a fight to get Rose to sleep but it is a calmer one, it is slowly getting earlier, and we have an hour or twos sleep in a row through the night, definitely progress! 

In the grand scheme of things this hasn't even been happening for that long but in our sleep deprived fog I feel like this has been going on for a really long time and need it to stop as soon as possible. 

Sending lots of love and good sleep wishes to all of you going through a sleep regression, at any age, it is tough and we are all expected to remain fully functioning - that's a big ask! We're all in this together so don't be afraid to ask for help or just feel you can say 'I'm finding this really hard', a problem shared is a problem halved and remember - 'it's just a phase'! 

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Last picks of the January Sales

Having spent much of the last week awake, whilst our darling 17 month old is going through a sleep regression of mammoth proportions, I decided to make myself useful and see if there are any last minute bargains in the sales that we should all keep an eye on. 

I've looked both for workwear and for summer wear, as if you have a holiday booked I would recommend that you pick up a few things now whilst they are cheap rather than paying full price the week of your holiday. 

You all know that I am quite tight and don't like paying full price for anything and so sales time is my happy time, I have to say that I haven't had a huge amount of success this time around but that is probably a good thing as it is saying me some cash! 

These are all high street and all available online in a variety of sizes as of today (9/1/18)


Red culottes - £10 

I bought these and I love them! Thinking I will pair them with a blue breton or my new white and black Winging it top from FMLY Store

Column Dress - £14

Loving the colour 'oxblood' at the moment! 


Harbour top - £17.95

This is available in lots of different colours and sizes, we probably all have one of these in our wardrobe and they definitely come in handy! 

Espadrilles  -12.95 


Pale blue marl peplum top - £19.60

Cotton short sleeve breton jumper - £27.60


Tropical print jumpsuit - £15.99

High collar jumpsuit - £15.99

I haven't bought this one yet and don't know that I will be able to resist! I'm always moaning that I don't have any warm winter jumpsuits! 

Crossover jumpsuit - £9.99!!

Not in the sale but New Look have their stripe 3/4 sleeve tops back in stock and so I have ordered two as they are fantastic staples. £8.99 and available in blue, red or green stripe. 

I haven't listed any sale items for the little ones, but I have stocked up on 18-24 and 2-3 from Mothercare, Mamas and Papas and Zara, all of which cross winter, spring and summer. There are some serious bargains to be had with some tops in Mothercare reduced to £2. Lots more in store than online.

If you have seen any brilliant sales finds and want to share them please add to the comments! 

Happy shopping!

Also, for those of your doing no spend January I salute you! One day I'll do it! 

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Always look on the bright side of life

Holy smokes, I thought I had no time for myself before but now I am back at work time seems to evaporate before my very eyes! I am definitely guilty of being a miserable so and so this month as the days have gotten darker and every item I have online shopped this month hasn't fit so I am determined to make this post more of a gratitude journal and only focus on the good stuff, and definitely not mention that Rose has sleep regressed, has had hand foot and mouth, Liam worked away for a week and the bloody cat has started peeing everywhere again.

Having got in to a bit of a rut I am going to use this post to give a shout out to a few things (and people) that have made me very happy in the last few weeks.

I read the new Lucy Dillon book - All I Ever Wanted, if you haven't read any of Lucy's books I highly recommend them as they are a tonic, you can read more about Lucy, her books and reviews over on Amazon. They are along the lines of JoJo Moyes and Katie Fforde if you have ready any of their books. I genuinely don't know when I read this book, the days of it only taking 4 or 5 hours are long gone and now a book can take me weeks, but somehow I found the time and it was 100% worth it. Next up is My not so Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella.

I tried a charcoal face mask... and loved it! It was a Montagne Jeunesse mask, peel off and from Boots for £1! My skin feels super soft and I feel my pores are genuinely less visible, and I think they could be seen from space prior to the mask so will definitely be investing in more!

My mum made me have a bath before Rose had hers and I read and had a cup of tea;  if you had told me before that I could have had a bath at 5.45pm I would have laughed and said no way, but we made it happen and I would definitely do it again! I was in my PJ's by 6.10pm feeling very relaxed and there was no impact on Rose's routine.  Thanks Mum for the Sanctuary bubble bath, it is incredible!

I also went to see 'Goodbye Christopher Robin' at the cinema with my sister - I had no idea Christopher Robin was A.A.Milne's son and the film was a lot less cheerful than we were anticipating, but nonetheless it is a great film and I would recommend, a brilliant cast and a lot of wikipediaing to be done afterwards. Really beautifully shot, I had a sudden urge to visit 100 acre wood and walk in the sunshine.

Last but not least I had a wonderful day with my long time friend Alex who came to Cardiff to visit and we ate and drank and talked none stop for 9 hours!! It was just what I needed to be able to concentrate completely on catching up, rather than the half finished conversations that trail after you when a child is in tow. It was such a good day and we genuinely talked non stop to the point where neither of us took a photo! So here's a throwback!

As always Rose has brought me unending joy, no matter what each day brings she is the sunshine to my day and I will never stop being grateful to have her in my life. Sometimes I get quite teary wondering if she will every understand how badly she was wanted and wished for and just how much we love her. Being a mum is the hardest job out there but one I wouldn't give up for a second.

On a complete tangent, I really need new jeans! I bought new ones post pregnancy and now that Rose is 15 months old I am ready to go down a size but have I been able to get any new jeans to fit?? Not a sausage! I bought a pair from Zara a couple of months ago that were a bit of a squeeze at the time and are now perfect, my plan was to buy another pair the same and in another colour if possible but I have now tried numerous Zara stores and online and cannot buy the same ones - cue angry HULK face.

The beloved jeans:

Not to be perturbed I bought jeans from Shein, Zara ones from eBay, tried Topshop, Marks and Spencer etc etc and all with no success. I don't know if I have completely changed shape or if I should be trying a totally different style of jeans these days, but my patience for trying them on is waring thin, as is Rosie's, I'm sure some of you know the joy of having a baby in a pushchair in the changing room whilst you struggle in to something with limbs flailing out of the curtain, all whilst trying to get enough signal to put Peppa Pig on YouTube.

Therefore this is a plea to you all to tell me where the best place to buy jeans is, I am looking for a dark soft denim, skinny jean with a lot of elasticity, I have no idea on the waist line (mid/high etc) but would like a 30# leg.

Rose will be pleased with the current state of affairs as by not getting anything to fit me I have satisfied any impulse purchase urges by buying her new clothes! GAP have 40% off sale at McArthur Glen which I highly recommend you check out - we're talking t shirts for £2 and baby jumpsuits for £5.99!

Happy Autumn to you all, I hope you enjoy Halloween and Bonfire Night if you celebrate them and hope you are lighting the fires, eating the winter foods and wearing comfy slippers as the nights draw in.